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Tooth-Friendly Hors D’oeuvres Ideas for Your Next Party

December 4, 2023

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Aesthetically pleasing meat and cheese tray

Do you enjoy hosting friends and family at your home? You may eagerly be planning the menu for your next party. But what should you serve as food? Some hors d’oeuvres feature sticky or hard items that might harm your guests’ oral health. Fortunately, there are lots of foods that you can serve without worrying about sending someone you care for to the dentist. Here are some ideas:

Meat and Cheese Tray

Meats and cheeses pose very little risk to oral health. Thinly sliced meats are easy to eat and contain no sugar. Cheese is soft and contains lots of calcium, so it could actually be good for your guests’ smiles! You can visit Pinterest or other websites for creative ideas on how to arrange your meat and cheese tray in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Baked Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella is a tasty and nutritious cheese, and no one argues with it when it has a savory bread coating! Instead of frying your mozzarella sticks, though, find a recipe for baked ones. You can therefore help your guests avoid the extra fat and grease that comes with fried options.


For a unique twist on traditional quesadillas, pack yours with brie, apple, and arugula. Not only do these ingredients taste great together, but apples are excellent for oral health. Their rough, crunchy texture can help to clean the plaque off of teeth.

Veggie and Hummus Tray

Hummus is rich in folic acid, which is great for oral health and overall wellness. Plus, veggies taste great when they are dipped in it. Another advantage of serving vegetables is that they can help to clean your teeth. They also contain lots of nutrients that support oral health.


Olives run little risk to oral health — if they are machine pitted. Before serving them to your guests, try stuffing your olives with cream cheese. Along the way, make sure no pits are left that could cause someone to chip a tooth. If you aren’t a fan of cream cheese, you could try creating a tasty marinade for your olives instead.


Some nuts are quite hard, so you should be cautious about serving them if anyone on your guest list has fragile teeth. However, cashews are usually a safe choice because they are softer than almonds and other harder options. Plus, they contain a special type of acid that can help to inhibit the growth of oral bacteria.

Hors d’oeuvres do not have to be dangerous for your guests’ oral health. Use the above ideas to host a party that will leave everyone smiling.

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