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Gum Disease Treatment – Prince Albert, SK

Giving Your Smile a Strong Foundation

woman getting checked for gum disease

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is one of the most common oral health problems. But more than that, it’s one of the most common health problems overall. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that half of all Canadians over 30 struggle with a mild form of gum disease. That means there are millions and millions of adults who aren’t enjoying the good health they could be enjoying.

Why Choose Legacy Dental for Gum Disease Treatment?

Symptoms of Gum Disease

woman with red gums

One reason that so many patients struggle with gum disease is that, in the very earliest stages of development, there aren’t always any noticeable symptoms. As the condition grows more advanced, though, symptoms will start to appear.

They include:

Patients with more advanced gum disease may even experience tooth loss as a result of their condition. Gum disease has also been linked with health problems elsewhere in the body. Those problems include heart disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke, diabetes, and pre-term birth in pregnant women.

Managing Gum Disease with Effective Therapy

woman flossing teeth


With the periodontal therapy you’ll receive from our Prince Albert dental office, you can enjoy better oral and overall health. During a consultation appointment, Dr. Janzen or Dr. Wilson, will assess your needs and help you create a fully personalized treatment plan. If you have any questions about your plan, we would be happy to answer them.

Scaling & Root Planing

woman having scaling done

Scaling and root planing is like a dental cleaning that is specifically focused on your gums and the roots of the teeth. First, we’ll remove any and all plaque deposits that have built up around the gum line (scaling), and then we’ll gently clean the roots of the teeth (root planing). This is intended to make plaque less likely to accumulate near the gums in the future, lowering a patient’s risk of reinfection.

Antibiotic Therapy


As gum disease advances, small pockets of bacteria form between the teeth and gums, and these can be very difficult to clean using regular instruments. In order to reach and eliminate this well-hidden bacteria, we can apply an antibiotic directly to the gums. It will slowly seep below the gum line over the course of a few days in order to thoroughly clean even the tiniest areas of the mouth.

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