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Dental Crown & Bridge – Prince Albert, SK

Smile Repair Designed Just For You

Three different types of dental crowns used to protect weakened teeth

Are you missing one or more teeth? Do you have a damaged or decayed tooth that needs protection? You can have a complete smile again with a dental crown in Prince Albert or a dental bridge. This special service combines a replacement tooth with one or two abutment crowns to create results that look natural and complete.

Why Choose Legacy Dental For Dental Crowns & Bridges?

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental instruments lying next to different types of dental bridges

A dental crown is a custom-made prosthetic designed to fit over a natural tooth that is weakened due to decay or damage. They are also known as “caps” and are considered to be one of the safest, most effective ways to restore a person’s smile without compromising daily appearance. With proper care, dental crowns can last as long as 10 years; however, it is important that an individual take necessary steps to prevent additional damage or reinfection to the tooth underneath the crown.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dentist using a mouth mold to show a female patient how a dental bridge works

Much like a dental crown, a dental bridge in Prince Albert is a custom-made prosthetic designed to restore the look of a person’s smile by filling in the gap left behind by a missing tooth. For decades, dentists have used dental bridges as an effective tooth replacement solution, giving patients a chance to restore their smile and regain the confidence they once lost. Consisting of three units, the artificial tooth and two additional abutment crowns, the bridge rests on top of healthy, natural teeth.

When Are Dental Crowns and Bridges Recommended?

A male patient looking at his new and improved smile, complete with a dental crown and bridge fixture in place

Dental crowns and bridges are most often recommended when:

What is the Procedure Like for a Dental Crown and Dental Bridge?

The process to receive a dental crown and dental bridge are quite similar. When receiving a dental crown, Dr. Janzen or Dr. Wilson will begin by examining your smile and determine the best course of action. If a crown is necessary, they will begin to clear away the decayed areas of your tooth before filling it with a composite resin to seal the tooth off from further reinfection. Once the resin hardens, the tooth will be prepped by filing it down to ensure the customized crown fits properly when placed.

You will receive a temporary crown to wear while your new one is being made using the dental impressions taken during your initial appointment. After it is completed, you will return to have the temporary removed and your finalized restoration put into place.

The same process is used for a dental bridge except there is no need to fill already healthy teeth. Those that exist on either side of the vacated socket will be filed down to allow for enough room once the crown is put into place. After taking impressions of your teeth, Dr. Janzen or Dr. Wilson will send them off to a dental lab and wait for technicians to create the bridge.

During your second and final appointment, your dentist will place the bridge over your natural, healthy teeth, while the interior crown sits on top of your gums. This finalized restoration will blend in to create a seamless appearance.

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